Coral Nails 5 Ways | The Perfect Summer Shade

Coral Nail Polish Shades

Coral Nail Polish Shades

Summer to me says bright nails and colourful shades and Coral is my go to bottle in the warmer months. It’s bold, it goes great with tanned skin and it just reminds me of toes dangling in a clear blue pool with the sun shining above. As with any colour there’s a plethora of different shades and in the wonderful world of nail polish there’s even different textures, so I’ve put together my favourite five coral polishes to keep your nails looking practically tropical this summer!

From Left to Right…

Barry M Copa Cabana – A Coral that’s more on the red side and one with a matte finish. I love Barry M Copa Cabana for it’s almost pillow box shade but different finish that’s fab for shaking up your coral manicure with a matte strip or accent.

Barry M Passion Fruit –  If matte isn’t your bag then give Barry’s Passion Fruit a go! Slightly darker than Copa Cobana but part of the Gelly range so it has a killer shine. Both of these Barry M beauts come in at under £4 too, so i’d grab both if I were you!

OPI Toucan Do It If You Try – I bought this from a salon last year after I had both my hands and feet painted with it for holiday. For me it’s the perfect coral colour with a lovely creamy finish – perfect for toes in the sand. OPI polishes come with a price tag around £12 a bottle but this is such a classic shade it’s a real nail box investment.

Clinique Really Rio – Clinique polishes are super sensitive so they won’t irritate the skin around your nails and are kind on the nail bed too. So not only is Really Rio a beautifully soft and creamy coral shade – great for those not overly sold on the bold look – it looks after your hands too, well done Clinique.

OPI Jinx – I’ve saved the best until last with this one. From OPI’s Liquid Sand collection Jinx is one of my favourite textured polishes with a coral base and slight duo chrome gold glitter. It dries like sand to leave a bumpy texture on the nail but glitters like gold and I absolutely love it. Use it all over for a sassy summer look or pop it on as a textured accent to any of the other polishes here!

What’s your favourite coral shade?

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