CNAAN Pomegranate Day Cream and Intensive Night Cream

I’m always keen to try out new moisturisers as that’s the one part of my new skin care regime I haven’t yet pinned down. I’ve recently been using a Benefit sample and loving it but as this little duo dropped through my door as my sample ran out I decided to give them a go. I’d already tried CNAAN’s Anti-Acne Cream* and loved the way it smelt, felt and reacted with my skin but as it didn’t last as long as I’d hoped I hadn’t re-purchased. I knew these products would suit my skin so I started slapping them on and gave them a jolly good trial!

I have to say that i’m not head over heels in love with these moisturisers however my skin seems to absolutely adore them! The Pomegranate Day Cream* smells amazing, it’s fruity, fresh and perfect for the morning, but the texture is very strange. It looks like a cream/mousse that turns into a gel texture on the skin and feels almost dry when rubbed in. Although i don’t love the texture (I’ve never got on well with gel moisturisers) it is a very clever cream. As it leaves no oily or sticky residue once absorbed it’s perfect for using under foundation as it gives enough moisture throughout the day without your makeup sliding. It almost has a primer feel to it and my skin is never dry when it comes to makeup removal time.

Now the Intensive Night Cream* has an amazing texture but this time i’m not a fan of the smell! Once rubbed in it doesn’t tend to hang around so it’s not too bad but the sea buckthorn is just not my cup of tea. Again though the product itself is perfect and my skin absolutely drinks it up. I wake up with my skin feeling plump and dewy after using this cream and i find myself reaching for it again and again each night. If we could merge these two products together to make a super cream they would be perfect – the smell of the day cream with the texture of the night! But although i don’t love them as much as i loved the other CNAAN cream I used, my acne prone skin seems to be very happy so they would definitely be worth a try if you struggle with blemishes or sensitive skin.

You can find the CNAAN Day Cream on the Funtica website HERE and the CNAAN Night Cream HERE for £24.95!

Have you tried any CNAAN products? Do they work for your skin?

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