This week was press night for Miss Saigon at The Hippodrome in Birmingham. We received an email the day before the event telling us the dress code was ‘red carpet ready’ and we instantly knew it was a big one. So I donned my best dress and hopped in an uber to the doors of The Hippodrome. With dancing dragons, pan-Asian appetisers and prosecco flowing in the press room there’s no denying the grandeur of Miss Saigon and how much of an honour it was to be standing amongst those invited to watch it.

Miss Saigon has been running since 1989 and been coined the greatest musical of all time. From those who brought us Les Mis, Miss Saigon is an epic love story brought to life on stage with a 60 strong cast and production on an epic scale. I took my seat not knowing the story or what I was letting myself in for, only the warning of those of you on twitter who had already seen it ringing in my ears…’don’t forget your tissues’.

Set in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon follows the story of Kim, a young woman forced to work in an underground bar and Chris, a kind service man who finds her and falls in love. Kim and Chris are torn apart by the war and spend the next three years trying to find one another…as some huge secrets unfold.

I’m going to speak frankly here, Miss Saigon is a musical, and a traditional one at that. We’re talking hardly any spoken word, all singing so if that’s not your bag, maybe give this one a miss. However if you’re a musical lover who enjoys big ballads, heart-wrenching love songs, agonising musical soliloquies and big flashy numbers (complete with dancing girls and feathers), then this is for you!

It’s naughty, it’s heart breaking, it’s tear jerking and it’s in your face. In all my years of theatring (is that a word?), I’ve never seen a production so huge. The voices, incredible. The set, mind blowing. The cast, perfect. The feels, ALL OF THE FEELS.

With a production on this scale it feels impossible to do it justice with words – it’s one of those that simply needs to be seen. There’s no denying why Miss Saigon has found its way into the classics on stage- a real spectacle to behold.

With dizzying special effects and powerful performances, Miss Saigon is an epic production that any theatre nut simply must tick off their list.

…and remeber…don’t forget your tissues!

Miss Saigon is on at The Birmingham Hippodrome until 23rd September