.Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream | Review.

I’ve been using this eye cream for just over a month now and because of it’s price tag i wanted to give it a really good go before reviewing. Last month i reviewed a really great budget eye cream that i really loved so i was extremely interested to see how Caudalie’s cream which is over 6 times the price(!) would fair in comparison.

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream* just screams luxury as soon as you pick up the box. Matte cardboard in brown and gold with a whole lot of French hold the gorgeous 15ml bottle of product. With it’s sturdy pump top and weighty bottle Claudalie does a brilliant job of making you feel you’ve got your monies worth with the packaging and it looks lovely sat on your shelf. 

The product itself is lovely and thick, a kind of goldy cream colour with minute light reflecting particles which really help to brighten your eyes in the morning. It feels gorgeous on the skin and leaves your eyes feeling extremely moisturised without feeling greasy in any way.

I apply morning and night and after a month’s use i’m really pleased with the results. You’d need to be using this product for a good few months before really noticing any wrinkle decreasing effects but i’ve found that on the surface it seems to blur my fine lines and improve my dark circles. I guess the big question for this product is ‘would i buy it again?’. And the answer is yes, but just maybe not now because a bottle of Premier Cru will set you back a whopping £49, and for younger wrinkles it’s a bit excessive! I suppose you could argue that it’s best to spend money preventing the wrinkles before they form, but although i do think it will last a while (half a pump is enough for both eyes) i couldn’t bring myself to drop nearly £50 on an eye cream just yet. Ask me again in a couple of years though – i’ll probably be buying it by the truck load!

I can imagine Claudalie Premier Cru to be fantastic for older wrinkles because as a product it’s just gorgeous to use. You can pick up a bottle for £49 on the Claudalie website HERE.

What’s your weapon of choice when it comes to eye cream? Would you spend this much to help prevent wrinkles?

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