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A few months back Joe and I went to Bristol for the day to see a show and explore the beautiful city. Before we came home I asked on twitter (@xameliax) for recommendations on where’s good to eat – loads of you suggested Three Brothers Burgers so that’s where we settled and my goodness are we glad we did, you guys were spot on with this one!

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Let’s get it out there, yep – it’s on a boat! It makes for such a cool little spot with two levels on land and on deck! We were originally seated on land because we didn’t book and they were super busy (a good sign of course) but they managed to find us some space on the boat before our burgers arrived and we happily moved! The staff are friendly and the whole place has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere – seriously cool indeed.

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Made it to the boat before the big parties roll in *privileged*

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Ok ok, let’s talk burgers. We cracked open our cans and bottles of craft ale – the bearded boyfriend was very happy – and munched on a bowl of olives while the kitchen worked their magic. When the burgers came out on their retro plates they didn’t look anything special but as soon as you bite into them you can see why this restaurant is talked about all over – they were SO tasty! Fresh lettuce, oozy cheese and good quality meat, they weren’t too big either which is a bonus for me as I hate having to leave half a burger! The fries were salty, crispy and fluffy and the slaw was the bomb.

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I’d 100% head back to Three Brothers Burgers again when I’m next in Bristol and it’s totally worth checking out for a relaxed lunch or trendy dinner.

Find out more about Three Brothers Burgers and see the full menu on their website HERE!

Have you been to Three Brothers Burgers before? Any recommendations for great burger joints over the UK?

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