Braving The Shave | xameliax Weekly Vlog #70

It’s a big one this week – nearly £1.5k for charity and one incredible deed! Tune in below to see exactly what I’m on about!

So apart from the epic event of Saturday this week has pretty much just been me complaining about being very tired and getting chewed to death by a teething puppy!!! It’s been so fun having Toby around and I swear he grows by the hour but bloomin’ heck it’s hard work just as expected!

This week I’ve been testing out the new Miracle Gel polish from Sally Hansen which is supposed to be totally life proof. Chasing around a 9 week old pup and constantly fishing things he shouldn’t be chewing from his sharp little baby teeth has certainly been a test! Happy to report that they’re still intact and looking amazing, highly recommended!

We also took a trip to Pets at Home who very kindly offered Toby a VIP shopping experience to kit him out with everything he needs to enjoy his first few months as a pupster! We picked up a very stylish new bed (and a practical one too!) along with playpens, cleaning products (ESSENTIAL!), a snazzy first lead, treats, food and lots of toys! They really are a one-stop shop for your new pup and the staff were incredibly informative. Some stores even have groom rooms and vets too – high five Pets at Home!

Toby was fast asleep for most of the shop but was VERY happy when he got home and was able to play with all his new goodies!

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