Brand Watch: Moathouse Eyewear | Wooden Sunglasses Handmade in England

I’ve been working with the Moats team for a couple of months pre-launch and i’m incredibly excited to finally be able to reveal them to you all!

Welcome to the new invaders of the eye wear world, handmade in England and painfully cool – Moathouse Eyewear have got it in the bag when it comes to this super current sunglasses trend. Moats currently have four styles to choose from and a variety of wood to create to perfect pair! I have a pair of Gothards in Ebony Macassar* a simply beautiful wood that suits the shape effortlessly. They’re so comfortable to wear and are incredibly lightweight (not at all what i expected) and the lenses are absolutely amazing.

I usually just buy lots of cheap sunglasses in case i sit on them or break them and they work fine, or you think they do until you put on a pair of moats. These lenses actually do stop the sun unlike cheaper glasses and prevent you from squinting away behind your shades. They leave a lovely warm filter on everything making it feel like a lazy summer day every day, happy times!

I’ve got my peepers on the Squire Wayfarers next in my coveted Ebony Macassar because i’ve been wearing my Gothards to death as you will have seen if you follow me on instagram (@xameliax)! I absolutely adore this brand and their founding story is so cute too, a truly British brand with a huge heart – enough to knock any cheap imitations right out of the proverbial park. There’s nothing like knowing you’re rocking a pair of one of a kind shades as no two will ever be the same, too cool for school.

You can find the full Moathouse Eyewear range on their website HERE and on twitter @moathouseeyes!

Let’s spread the word about this awesome new brand and put another worthy British business on the map!

What do you think about the wooden sunglasses trend? What’s your favourite style? Will you be treating yourself to a pair?

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