.CC Creams, Felt Tip Liners and Hourglass Mascaras | Bourjois February 2014 Launches.

Line up line up for the first Bourjois launches of 2014! With quite an impressive range i wanted to let you in on what one of our favourite French high street makeup brand has up their sleeve for us this year….

The Beauty’Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara* (£7.99) – Now those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know i’m not a huge fan of plastic mascara wands, so when i saw this one i was dubious. However Bourjois also make one of my favourite mascaras ever so i gave it a go and i have to say, it’s not bad at all! The brush is strange, and difficult to get used to, but once you do it’s a breeze to use and i find it coats the lashes wonderfully. I’ll definitely be sticking with this one as i love how dark it makes my eyelashes look.
The CC Eye Cream Concealer* (£7.99) – I didn’t even realise CC eye concelers were a thing (i know i know, i’m such a bad beauty blogger) but this is great! It has a bit more to it than a standard liquid concealer and i find it moisturises under my eyes all day stopping any creasing with the shade 21 Ivory being just right. I like this a lot Bourjois, well done!
The CC Cream Foundation* (£9.99) – This CC concoction has also impressed me. I’m a foundation girl through and through for my poorly skin, but this cream actually has quite a good coverage, i love it! Sadly it’s slightly too dark for me at the moment in 32 Light Beige but i’ll definitely be heading into Boots to grab a lighter shade, it’s great for days when a full face of makeup is just too much – moisturising, brightening and covers up a world of imperfections.
Liner Feutre* (£6.99) (comes in two shades: Noir Violine – A Plum Purple and Noir Moka – a lovely Deep Brown) – I’ve been looking for a nice brown eyeliner for a while now for those days when i don’t feel like rocking my big black flicks and this is perfect. The pens come with a super fine tip allowing you to get right in the corners and be incredibly precise with your lines, and the brown is just the right shade that lasts all day with minimal fading. I’m plucking up the courage to try the purple too as it comes out a lovely wearable plum shade rather than anything too shocking. Very impressed with these. 

Mega Liner* (£7.49) – This really is a mega liner! It’s a felt tip with a permanent marker shaped head to help you create really thick lines with ease. I haven’t got my head around it just yet as the first time i tried to use it was a bit of a disaster, but with a bit more practice i could see this being a really useful edition to my makeup case for mornings when i’m in a bit more of a rush!

I’m loving the first Bourjois launches of 2014, they’ve come up with some great products here! Let’s hope they carry on like this for the rest of the year, because i’m really excited to see what’s coming next!

All of the above are available from Boots and Superdrug now – what are you waiting for?!

Have you tried any Bourjois products before? Which are you most likely to buy from the new launches?

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