Bourjois Spring 2015 Launches

Bourjois Spring 2015 Launches, bourjois colorband,

Bourjois Spring Launches

Bourjois is one of my favourite high-street beauty brands. They always get the balance between affordable and quality just right and come out with some corking products year after year. I’ve been trying out their new Spring 2015 launches so here’s a little run down!

Colorband Eye Crayon* (from left to right – Mauve Baroque, Brun Dadaiste,  Beige Minimaliste, Noir Abstrait) £5.99 each: I can’t get enough of these! Not usually one for eye crayons i was a little dubious at first but the Colorband pencils have fast become part of my daily face routine, even making it into my condensed holiday makeup bag in mexico! They’re super soft and blend beautifully with your finger leaving a slightly shimmery colour all over the lid or can be blended out from the lashline for a laid back smokey eye effect. I find myself reaching for Beige Minimaliste most days – a beautiful soft gold – and Brun Dadaiste is in my handbag makeup for a quick day to night change when needed!

Color Boost Lip Crayon* (from left to right – Pinking Of It, Sweet Macchiato, Proudly Naked) £7.99 each: Like eye crayons i’ve always struggled with lip crayons too usually ending up looking like a 5 year old who’s found her mum’s makeup box or a clown that’s just eaten a sandwich! These however are really pigmented so don’t need a lot of scrubbing to get a fantastic cover on your lips making the finished look much neater! They’re glossy and moisturising so fall into the everyday office lip product for me when i want a bit of a boost but don’t fancy a hard bold matte lip. Pinking Of It is a bit too flamingo for me but Sweet Macchiato and Proudly Naked are beautiful offering a subtle but juicy colour boost.

Liner Pinceau Liquid Liner* £6.99: This liner is amazing. With a super fine brush it’s ideal for creating delicate cat eyes that still pack a powerful pigment, and it doesn’t budge! This has become my new every day liner when i’m in a rush to go to work as it creates a precise liquid line that i haven’t gone wrong with yet. Love love love this, highly recommended.

Liner Stilo Pencil* £5.99: I don’t often use black khol pencils unless i’m going for a heavy eye look but when i do i often find them too hard or difficult to get colour from. This new Bourjois release however is pretty nifty, nice and soft and being ‘ultra black’ gives a real hit of pigment right away. It’s easy to blend if you work quick but stays put pretty well after that. Definitely one to try if you’re more of a khol girl.

Silk Edition Face Powder* £9.99: I’m not a big pressed powder fan so this one might have been a little wasted on me but it’s incredibly neat and i love the 360 swivel mirror – super handy for your handbag. The powder itself isn’t too thick but gives a lovely matte finish to the skin and i can imagine if pressed powders are your think this would be a good one to try.

You can get your mitts on these new products in store now, so definitely worth a nosy! 

Have you tried any of the Bourjois Spring 2015 releases? What’s your favourite?

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