Not Just For Nice Nails | Born Pretty Store

I’ve been using nail products from Born Pretty Store for ages – they’re range of studs are amazing and super cheap – but i’ve never really noticed anything else they sell on their site.

I’ve been after a new watch for soooo long, you know one of those things that you constantly think ‘i really need to sit down and sort this‘ but never get round to it. So i decided to choose one of their bracelet watches to wear while i hunt down a more expensive investment piece.

This is their Chain Wrist Watch* and it’s perfect for what i need it for – two birds with one stone by double wrapping the strap around your wrist and bob’s your uncle, instant wrist stack! They come in all sorts of colours that wrap round twice and fasten with a buckle to create this cute little look. I’m not crazy for the pearl effect face but in all honestly no-one’s going to be looking that close to notice anyway so we don’t need to worry about that one. Loving the fact it fits my teeny tiny wrists too – brilliant for just slipping on when i’m in a rush or until i finally decide on a designer piece to flaunt.

You can find this cute little watch on the Born Pretty website HERE for just over £6 along with all the other adorable accessories they sell!

What do you rock on your wrist? Are you designer or high street? 

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