.Birchbox UK January Box | Review.

It’s here, it’s here! If you’re a Joliebox subscriber you’ll probably already know about their merge with Birchbox and be excited to receive the first package! And if you’re new to the whole beauty box trend then this is a fantastic place to start.

I’m especially excited for this box because i’m featured in the magazine! They’re my nails right there with my really easy two polish winter ombre look. I’m super proud and this month’s magazine is going straight into my memory box to keep as my first paper publication…well done little blog!

So, the million dollar question – what’s inside the First UK Birchbox*?

KMS California Freeshape – I tried this this morning and IT’S AMAZING! I have a lot of thick hair so it takes absolutely forever to dry, but with a liberal spray of this bad boy i was done in less than 10 mins – which is a huge improvement. I seem to have used about a quarter of the sample bottle with one go, so it might prove to be an expensive addition to my hair care routine, but i’ll certainly be buying a big bottle right away – brilliant find!

WEI White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye BlendI’m always interested to try out new eye creams before buying them because i tend to think that some are ridiculously over priced, so i like to know what i’m buying before i part with my money. I’ve never heard of this brand before so i’m interested to give it a go. 

Wild Romantic Body Butter – At the moment i’m actually on the hunt for a good dry body oil instead of a butter but i like the smell of this and i might give the little sample a go on my legs. The pot will be useful when it’s all used up though – how sad!

Teapigs Dream On – I love tea! I also love the fact that Birchbox are including some lifestyle items in their boxes too! I haven’t been a major fan of the chamomile teas i’ve tried in the past so i’m interested to try this out. I think it will be a Sunday afternoon catching up on lots of blogging tea!

I Coloniali Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh – Not a fan of musky scents usually but if someone else is massaging them in i think i might be able to live with it! I have to say i’m not overly fussed about this sample but the others in the box have more than made up for this one!

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Tint – I.LOVE.THIS. It smells of refreshers sweets and leaves just enough colour to give your lips that ‘my lips but better shade’. It’s also so buttery and lasts for quite a while on the lips – even though i haven’t really left it that long before re-applying because it just smells sooo good! I will definitely be buying myself a full sized version of this when this adorable little sample runs out. Thank you Birchbox UK, this is a real success!

I’m so pleased with this first Birchbox UK and i really can’t wait to see what they come up next. Discovering amazing new products like these is exactly why beauty subscription boxes are so brilliant! 

You can sign yourself up for these exciting boxes on the Birchbox UK website HERE for just £10 a month +p&p!

Are you a Joliebox subscriber? What do you think of their new merge and January’s box?

Tweet me @xameliax #myfirstbirchbox – don’t forget to send me some pictures of your two polish ombre nails too!