Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Review

I’m forever on the hunt for volume in my hair without turning to a comb for a bit of help. I’ve tried Tresemme’s 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray before and although it gave me a bit of a boost it just wasn’t strong enough to lift my roots as much as i wanted so i continued on my search for giant hair in a can! The other week Hairtrade sent through Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump*, a spray-in mousse that claims to volumise and plump hair from the roots…and you know what? I think it works a treat!

I’m always a little wary with hair mousse because i hate that crunchy feeling a lot in the past have left behind. I’m one of those annoying people that likes to use products but doesn’t like it to feel like i’ve used them, so companies have their work cut out with my mane! I’m very pleased to report that apart from the height it gives my hair the fact it doesn’t make you feel crunchy afterwards is my favourite thing about this product.

Simply shake and spray into the roots of your hair (watch out for splatters – i was happily sraying away when i turned round to find my pillows covered in little dots of mousse! I shall be spraying closer to my hair next time!) then style as normal. I tend to pull my hair upwards and blowdry underneath to help lift anyway, but i can see a difference in the amount of volume and how long it lasts using Root Pump. I love this product and i think it’s just great for £8, i’ll certainly be buying it again when i run out as it’s the only thing that props up my hefty locks without the need to backcomb.

You can grab a can of Root Pump on the Hairtrade website HERE for just £8.78 – bargain!

Have you tried any of Big Sexy Hair’s Products before? What’s your favourite way to add volume to your roots?

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