Bianca di Evro Insolia 2013 | Wine Review


Ever since my lunch at Dinner (Heston Blumenthal’s stunning restaurant in the centre of Knightsbridge) i’ve been searching for the wine we enjoyed with our first course to no avail. Dinner’s wine list is extensive with bottles from all over the world that in most cases you won’t even find on the top shelf at Waitrose, so my search for this memorable blue label took me onto the wonderful world wide web and one website in particular Armit Wines.

wine dinner by heston

Now i’m pretty good at finding things online but after a lot of searching Armit were the only store i could find that stocked my favourite Italian white – Bianca Di Evro Insolia 2013. With a case setting you back £95.94 (around £15.99 per bottle) this wine is a must try for any dry and fruity wine lover out there looking for a special bottle. Made by Rallo – the only organic certified winery in Sicily – Bianca Di Evro Insolia is made with 100% Insolia grapes and boasts citrus and apple aromas. Served ice cold it brings a crisp acidity bursting with fruit and what they call in the wine biz ‘a long finish’ – a delicious aftertaste that hangs around for a while after that refreshing sip. Normally i’m a Marlborough or Chilean Sauv Blanc kind of girl, so if that’s your thing you’re going to love this.Rallo Evro White Wine

While it’s not a bottle i’d be quaffing every Friday after work it’s certainly one to stick in your cellar (or wine rack!) for when you need to impress or are feeling like something a bit fancy. It pairs fabulously with seafood and wouldn’t look a miss sat on your Christmas table – if the rest of my case makes it through the month it will certainly be sat on ours!

Armit Wines have lots of festive offers at the moment so stock up ready for the big day so be sure to get yourself stocked up!

What’s your favourite white wine? Do you have a go to bottle?

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