Sex and Chocolate? Makeup Just Got Interesting

I adore experimenting with mascaras and i’m forever hunting down those perfect and plump lashes without a tube of glue in sight. So when i got my hands on Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara* (£19) i knew i was onto something special.

At first i was a little concerned by it’s odd shaped figure of eight wand when i pulled it out of it’s sexy brushed pink metal tube, but as it wasn’t plastic i stuck with it and it was actually a breeze to use. This mascara is incredible. In one coat my lashes looked the best they’ve ever looked before and after a second they looked almost like the best false lashes you’ve ever seen. Long, super thick and jet black i actually felt myself getting really excited about my new makeup discovery – a mascara that made even my short and sparse lashes look luscious! I’ve been using i not stop since it’s arrival and i’ve only found one issue – the tube dries out pretty quickly which can cause a bit of flaking throughout the day. However with a bit of warm water i managed to resurrect the tube and my miracle mascara was good as new. If you’re in the mood for fabulous lashes then don’t hesitate to give this bad boy a go – it’s absolutely fantastic.

Another new Too Faced find is their Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer (£25) which i have in medium to deep. Before my holiday there was no way you were going to get this bronzer near my face – try this one instead if you’re on the paler side but as soon as that sunshine touched my cheeks i couldn’t wait to use it. This ladies and gentlemen is my perfect bronzer for tans. Slightly red in colour it blends brilliantly into the skin to give that ‘out in the sun’ look and is super duper for contouring. Being matte and finely milled it looks extremely natural and applied like a dream with a big fluffy brush – i’m using this set at the moment. I love the packaging with it’s giant mirror inside and sturdy closing lid and the fact that it smells like chocolate is just the icing on my big fat bronzer cake.

So this makes all three Too Faced products i’ve tried (check out their stunning highlighter duo here) major winners, firmly placing this brand into my beauty hall of fame. Next on the list to try – those delicious looking drenched lip colours… .

You can find the Too Faced range on Look Fantastic website and it’s free delivery too!

Have you tried Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara? What do you think?

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