Best Face Oils for Problem Skin


I’ve always struggled with my skin and because of that for years I avoided oils like the plague, fearing they would make me into (even more of) an oily mess!

But it’s a myth! If you get the right oil for your skin it can do wonders. Here are a few that I’ve been loving and why!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – This is my ultimate oil. It’s not too heavy, smells amazing and makes my skin glowy and smoothie over night. It feels gentle but also packs a punch and I’ve never had any breakouts with it. The formula of this oil helps speed up and enhance your skins natural recovery process so you wake up looking refreshed. I’ve used this for years and I’ll never stop buying it!

Elemis Superfood – I find this oil a little thicker than Kiehl’s, perfect for slapping on overnight for a big moisture boost. Again it’s smells amazing and feels great on my skin – no breakouts and I’ve even worn a drop of this under my foundation for the day for an extra boost. It’s made from highly concentrated superfoods like broccoli and flax seed to give you super glowy skin, and I can really tell the difference the next morning when I’ve used this at night.

Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep –  This one is a new product in my arsenal and has a dual purpose. Made with anti-oxidants and vitamins the Neom Scent to Sleep oil nourishes your skin whilst also helping you sleep with their tranquility fragrance worked into the oil. Simply massage a few drops into the skin and then cup your hands over your nose and mouth to breath in for seven and out for eleven a few times nice and slowly. Let the lavender and jasmine scents fill your body and mind to get you into the perfect place for a good nights sleep. This one is also great for long haul flights to help you stay hydrated and keep you calm

What are your favourite oils for problem skin?