Beautiful Balms from Benefit

Benefit launches are always exciting and i’ve had the pleasure of testing out a number of new bits and bobs from the lately. The first of which was their brand new They’re Real Push Up Liner* which is totally amazing and i’ve been reaching for it every day. The second is a pair of stunning tinted lip balms that look wonderful moisturise beautifully with mango butter to keep your lips looking lovely all day long.

I can usually take or leave tinted lip balms chucking them into the depths of my bag with the plethora of lip balms in my collection (mostly nivea and carmex for me) only to be picked out at random when my pout needs a bit of a moisture boost. I’ve only ever owned one other tinted lip balm that i’ve fallen in love with and treated differently to the others but sadly that died a death about two months ago and although i’ve been using these little beauts from Barry M i’ve been missing a more luxury balm for my makeup bag.

These Benefit balms are super hydrating and feel amazing on the lips. Buttery and smooth they sink in and stick around for quite a while after application with a subtle delicious mango scent. My favourite out of the two is Cha Cha Balm* leaving behind a gentle coral orange/red tint that really perks up my complexion and leaves my dull lips looking a lot prettier. Posie Balm* is more of a light baby pink which i find looks better on more tanned complexions but is still pretty for paler girlies too. I adore the packaging with the elegant coloured metal tubes and find myself always reaching for my Cha Cha Balm throughout the day to keep my pout looking kissable.

At £14.50 they’re a little more expensive than your usual tube of lip balm but i wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase them because i think they’re worth every single penny. I’d even be tempted to try out Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint underneath the balm for a strong lip look this summer – colour me mango because i’m in love.

You can find the new bene-balms on their website here with all the other lippy bits too!

Have you tried any Benefit lip products before? Would you be tempted by these balmy bits?

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