They’re Real Push Up Liner | My ULTIMATE Benefit Go To

If you haven’t heard about Benefit’s brand new gel liner launch that happened on Saturday where on earth have you been?! The whole beauty world has been a buzz with this innovative new beauty product and I was one of the lucky bene-bloggers who had the opportunity to try out this new addition to the They’re Real  family ahead of schedule…and do you know what? I LOVE IT!

The PR behind this new launch has been absolutely amazing with shop windows being taken over, beauty criminals running around the streets of London and prisoner themed events across the country! Unfortunately I was on holiday and couldn’t make the launch event but Benefit didn’t let me get away that easily by sending through this incredible package to keep me in the liner loop which is possibly the most fascinating product delivery I’ve ever received – it’s witchcraft! But enough about the PR, how does the product itself fair?

When I first pulled of the lid of my new They’re Real Push-Up Liner* and saw that angled rubber tip I was almost convinced I was going to hate it. Not having the steadiest hands in the world and forever still drawing wonky liner in the mornings I can barely handle a gel pot and brush let alone this strange rubbery contraption but encouraged by the Benefit hashtag of #criminallyeasy I gave it a go….

It was love at first use. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use with the tip getting right into your lashline and the product going on silky smooth. It took a good number of twists to get the gel out the top at first but once done it was a dream to use. It’s pigment is super impressive gliding on jet black and, like it’s mascara partner in crime, it stays on all day long….even through a gruelling kickboxing workout – incredible. The only niggle I have is that each time I find I need to wipe the excess gel away from my previous use with a tissue and twist up again which over time could waste a fair bit of product but it’s not an issue and it keep the gel nice and fresh for each application. Benefit have also released a They’re Real Makeup Remover* to compliment it’s They’re Real eye range as if you’ve used the mascara before you’ll know it’s a bugger to get off! Although I’ve found that the liner (despite not moving all day long) actually comes off quite nicely with my usual remover but this creamy Benefit tube works wonders and I tend to save it for heavy eye makeup days after a night out or using my They’re Real mascara because this bad boy can remove anything!

So if you’ve been longingly looking at the new They’re Real launches and wondering whether they should make it into your makeup bag then the answer is YES! Although I think they liner applicator could be a real marmite product, if I can use it, anyone can and I think it’s one release you don’t want to miss out on!

You can find the new Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner on their website HERE for £18.50 and the They’re Real Remover for £14.50 HERE!

Have you tried the new Benefit They’re Real Liner? What do you think – are you a They’re Real convert?

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