Benefit They’re Real Mascara | Review

I did it, i finally caved and joined the They’re Real crew! A while ago i was recommended two mascaras by a friend (They’re Real being one of them) but because it had a plastic wand it was trumped by the wonderful Dior Blackout (still one of my all time favourites) and i never got around to trying it…until now!

I’ll be honest, at first i absolutely hated this mascara! I couldn’t get used to the plastic wand and it wasn’t giving me the false lash effect i’d seen on so many other girls lashes. So when Big Blink* from Pur Minerals dropped through my door i abandoned They’re Real and switched to that for a while in a huff! Not one to be beaten however, a couple of weeks later i picked They’re Real back up and gave it a second chance; and you know what? I’m really glad i did.

I’m not sure if it’s because it had a while to dry up slightly, but in round two this mascara was so much easier to work with and i actually managed to get a lash line to be proud of! The wand, with a bit of practice, is actually quite easy to use and the colour pay off of the mascara itself is brilliant. I’m not one for building up mascara until my lashes are super thick so i don’t think i’ll ever get that incredible false lash look but i enjoy the big finish it gives me lashes and i tend to use it in my night-time makeup most of all.

The only negative for me is how difficult it is to remove! Seriously, this stuff isn’t going anywhere fast! I’ve certainly lost an eyelash or two when trying to remove it at the end of the day- be warned ladies! It doesn’t tend to flake off however even though it’s quite heavy which is a plus point and it seems to hold a curl nicely too. I’m really glad i gave this mascara another shot because it’s great for nights out and when i’m looking for a bigger lashline, however it doesn’t quite make it into my top three and it hasn’t converted me fully to the ways of the plastic wand just yet! I’d say you have to give it a go anyway purely because so many people swear by it and if you’ve got long natural lashes it’s probably going to look phenomenal!

You can find They’re Real on the Benefit website HERE for just £19.50!

Have you tried They’re Real – what do you think? What’s your favourite mascara?

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