Benefit Roller Lash | Move Over Curlers, There’s a New Wand In Town

Benefit Roller Lash review

Benefit Roller LashUnless you’ve been living under a beauty rock you’ll have heard, seen and read about Benefit’s new mascara from every blogger in town! Introducing Benefit Roller Lash a mascara that dares you to throw away your eyelash curlers for good and Stop, Hook and Roll your way to beautiful long lashes!

Benefit’s new eye offering arrived at my door in a rather fabulous bright pink beauty case containing a personalised eye mask (very useful for my plane journey to Mexico, thanks bene-babes!), a hair turban (that actually made it into my February Favourites video), a heart-shaped compact mirror, jar of their It’s Potent Eye Cream, a condemned pair of eyelash curlers, copy of Elle Magazine and of course – Roller Lash! *phew* Nobody does PR like Benefit and it was a real treat so thank you ladies, we do love you and your giant creative marketing brains!

So, what’s it like?

I’m going to start by saying that usually i hate plastic wands. I find them scratchy, fiddly and they always seem to clump up my lashes, but Roller Lash may have just changed my whole outlook on mascara wand life. This bad boy grips your lashes at the base and holds them there as you roll the wand up to the tips – it’s amazing. Even my stumpy little lashes look fabulous after i’ve applied this, i had no idea they were so long. It also holds the curl incredibly well and properly separates your lashes, so although it doesn’t plump up the volume like other mascaras may do, i find my lashes looking thicker because you can see each and every one.

I can’t gush about Benefit Roller Lash anymore, you have to try it for yourself. It’s certainly become an everyday product for me and for those left red-eyed by They’re Real you’ll be pleased to know that Roller lash removes nice and easily….phew, no more scrubbing!

You can get your mitts on Benefit Roller Lash on their website here for £19.50 a pop.

Have you tried Benefit Roller Lash yet? What do you think?

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