Benefit Puff Off Review | The New Cooling and Brightening Undereye Gel

Benefit Puff Off Review

Sound the klaxon, Benefit have pulled a new product out of their makeup bags and it’s totally adorable. Puff Off* is Benefit’s new undereye gel that promises to iron out any creases and smooth away those peskies puffies that plague us all, especially in the mornings. With it’s kitch iron shaped metal tip Benefit Puff Off  helps to cool the skin and highlight all in one go leaving behind a smoother, brighter, more awake eye area…let’s give it a go!

First of all, the bene-babe designers have outdone themselves with the packaging for this one – could it be any cuter?! It comes in a squeezy 10ml tube (£22.50) that fits nicely into your makeup bag or stands up on your bathroom shelf – pride of place and oozing retro beauty. Pull off the cap to reveal that amazingly detailed iron metal tip and a teeny tiny hole that dispenses your gel. I tried it first under my makeup and it was heavenly. I’m not a morning person – at all – and usually wake up looking like Hitch after sushi so anything that helps tone down that ‘fillers gone wrong’ look is alright by me. The metal tip soothes, cools and instantly starts to calm down any puffiness and feels wonderful on the skin. The gel itself leaves behind a slightly pink tinted highlighting effect without any flashbacks to your 90’s school disco glitter-face days. Winner.Benefit Puff Off Review, Benefit puff off iron tip

I don’t really know where to keep my Puff off tube – is it makeup or is it skincare? I’d be tempted to say for me it feels more like a skincare product but it can also be used over makeup as well to help ‘freshen up’ under your eyes in the afternoons after staring at your office computer screen all morning which is incredibly handy. Do i think it’s an essential beauty/makeup product that everyone should have? Well, no, probably not, but it is something i’m glad to have in my drawer and i have been reaching for it more often that not when sat at my vanity table in the morning. If my Garnier Roll On and Touche Eclat had an incredibly adorable and stylish baby Benefit Puff Off would be it – certainly one to try if you’re in need of some help from the puffy patrol…not to be confused with that scene from the Inbetweeners which is something completely different.

You can find Puff Off on the Benefit website for £22.50!

Have you tried Benefit’s Puff Off Undereye Gel? What did you think?

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