Benefit Porefessional and Agent Zero Shine #poreoclock

Benefit Poreoclock Party, benefit porefessional review, agent zero review

Benefit Poreoclock Party, benefit porefessional review, agent zero review, poreoclockIf i told you the power to to win the ultimate Benefit party was in your hands, would you take it? Thought so! Well today is your lucky day because Benefit are offering you that chance to win a once in a lifetime Benefit Bash for your town or city with their #poreoclock campaign!

A few weeks back Benefit asked me to become one of their #poreoclock Spy Gals with a secret mission to get everyone talking about Porefessional and of course i accepted, who doesn’t want to be a super sexy beauty spy?! So listen up ladies, if you want to win a money can’t buy Benefit party with exclusive goodies, lots of bubbles and some super sweet treats then all you have to do is tweet @BenefitUK with the hashtag #poreoclock and tell them why your town or city is the most pore-passionate area in aaaall the land – It’s as simple as that!

Pumping Porefessional parties aside Spy Gal HQ also sent me through the products that started it all – The Benefit Porefessional Primer* and Agent Zero Shine Powder* – which are offically the UK’s best selling primer AND powder (you go Glen Coco) so i just had to share them with you in a little post in case you’re yet to discover this award wining duo!

Benefit Poreoclock Party, benefit porefessional review, agent zero review, poreoclockI’ve been using Porefessional for years after getting a little sample in Elle magazine ages ago and falling head over heels in love. I have large open and quite deep pores on my cheeks sure to my acne prone skin and i’ve tried primer after primer to try and fill them in but none work as well as porefessional for me on this real problem area. Unlike a lot of other primers i’ve tried Porefessional is a thick and creamy nude balm that sinks into your skin leaving an almost powder finish and filling in all those large pores and fine lines instantly. It smoothes out my skin like a dream and even makes covering up blemishes a little bit easier, it really is a miracle product! You can see it transform the skin right in front of your eyes like a real life photoshop and leaves a beautiful feeling behind when smoothed in – think of it as a Polyfilla for your face! At £24.50 a tube (which last for an eternity by the way) it’s a real steal and certainly a makeup drawer staple, and the best part? No breakouts, even for my sensitive acne-prone skin. Win.

Agent Zero Shine (£23.50) is a new one on me but it’s very quickly found a comfortable spot in my daily routine. I suffer from shiny head syndrome as the days goes on which makes for a greasy fringe and that ‘just finished my shift at the chip shop’ look, attractive. I’ve tried a few powders along the way with a bit of success but my shine problem usually appears around 1pm in the afternoon and carrying a box of powder and face brush just isn’t practical for me – my handbag is full enough! Agent Zero shine is a hit of pore-refining mattifying powder in one easy to carry tube with it’s own brush hidden in the bottom, genius! Simply take off the lid and using it as a dish, tap some powder into it, twist off the bottom to reveal your brush and sweep over all your shiny bits! It’s quite easy to go OTT with matte face powders so the small brush that comes with Agent Zero Shine makes it easy to target problem areas without looking like you’ve caked it on. I love this powder, it’s a perfect product for me and i will certainly be buying it again.

So there we have it girls, if you’re looking for a way to perfect that complexion then look no further than this Benefit Porefessional Duo!

Have you used Benefit Porefessional or Agent Zero Shine before? Do they work wonders for you too?

Don’t forget to tweet @BenefitUK for your chance to win the ultimate Benefit Bash – and remember that hashtag! #poreoclock