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benefit majorette blush review (2)

benefit majorette blush review


I’m sure you will have seen the Benefit Majorette ‘booster blush’ on many a beauty blog recently because when the bene-bods release a new product, they sure do it in style! It arrived at my door in a gorgeous bronze box filled with bright orange stuffing and a rather cheeky personalised mug which has taken pride of place on my office desk and i take great pleasure drinking out of every single morning! But underneath all the fancy packaging (which us bene-bloggers adore) was the star of the show – Benefit’s new cream blush.

I’ll hold my hands up and say that i’m not a cream blush lover. I’ve tried two from Bourjois that didn’t blow me away, and one from Topshop which i downright hated, so i was dubious to say the least about giving this new one a go. Now i have to admit i’m not a huge fan of Majorette’s packaging, i think you’re going to either love it or hate it, but as it’s sitting in my dressing table drawer then it’s not a deal breaker – it’s what’s inside that counts. And what’s inside is the cream blush that has changed my opinion of cream blush…big time.

Majorette is described as a booster blush and although it can be worn alone, it’s designed to sit under your favourite powder blush and amplify the colour. The texture is soft and creamy but incredibly light so it doesn’t drag your foundation around and actually blends effortlessly into a powdery feel finish with a lovely bright peachy hue. To wear it alone you’re going to need to do a bit of blending (which you can do with your fingertips or a brush) but it translates to a lovely colour possibly more suited to paler skin tones. My favourite Benefit blusher is Dallas so that’s the combo i went for first and it does give you quite a bit of a boost – it seems to lift the clay-like tones of Dallas to bring out more of a golden hue which works wonderfully with a bit of highlighter for a bronzed look. The other blush in my benefit arsenal is Sugarbomb (a subtle shimmery tonal pink) which paired with majorette turns into a very pretty coral. In the Majorette package the bene-babes packed a box of Coralista which is a new one on me (love it by the way) and possibly my favourite combination to date. It’s bronze-coral tone works really well with the last of my holiday tan and i can see it taking me through the paler autumn winter days too, perfect.

Do you need to buy the new benefit Majorette blush? Yes. I think it’s a little golden nugget of beauty to have in your drawer that creates a myriad of different cheek colours without having to empty your purse on a Debenhams counter every week. It’s fun to experiment with, does what it says on the tin and it a beaut to rock on it’s own too, win win win for me – well done Benefit!

You can find the new Benefit Majorette Booster Blush on their website here for £23.50.

Have you tried the new Benefit Majorette Blush? What do you think of the Booster Blush concept?

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