.Benefit Boi-ing Concealer | Review.

Before trying Boi-ing i never used to use concealer, now I can’t do my makeup without it! All the concealers i’ve tried before have honestly been a disaster. Over blemishes they’ve dried and made any flaws look even worse – not what i’ve wanted at all, and under my eyes they’ve been too thick and have creased throughout the day. I tried to go without and simply build up foundation over any blemishes but it just wasn’t working…cue a trip to my local Benefit counter for help!

I umm’d and ahh’d over whether to choose Boi-ing or Erase Paste before my local Benebabe said that because i wanted to cover blemishes as well as my under eye area that Boi-ing would be best. Sold. The packaging is simple, it’s small, neat and the perfect size for my already over flowing makeup bag. The concealer itself is so easy to use and stays put all day. Benefit call it ‘industrial strength’ and i’d certainly agree even though i think this wording makes it sound like it would give a rough finish. Warming the concealer between your fingers and building it up gives the perfect coverage that looks smooth, blends well and really lasts all day. If i’m honest, i still feel like i need something extra under my eyes as my dark circles should be illegal but it does help even things out well. This little pot is going to last me ages so i’ve no fear of slapping it on everywhere – i use it under my foundation and a little dabbed over the top where needed afterwards. I love this product (yet another benefit find i can’t fault) and i would urge anyone who struggles with blemeshes, acne scars or ‘asshole eyes’ as the lovely essie button calls them to invest in this little bouncy pot of concealer joy!

You can find Boi-ing on your nearest Benefit counter or on their website HERE for just £16.50!

Have you tried Benefit’s Boi-ing? What do you think – does it work as well for you as it does for me?

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