Behind The Scenes | My Youtube Lighting Setup

photo 1As i’ve recently moved house i’ve had to completely change up my filming set up for Youtube. I get a lot of questions asking which lights i use and how it all looks so i thought i’d write a little post showing you what it looks like behind my lens!

I film in my dressing room, in front of my dressing table, sat on a chair – quite a change from perching on my old bed with a few fairy lights in the background! I like my videos to be as bright as possible so i have a 4-point setup with light coming in at all angles and creating an even spread that’s nice and consistent throughout. I film on my Canon 650D which has a flip screen so i can see what i’m doing and records in HD with two studio lights either side. I can’t remember the exact model of my studio lights, they cost me around £99 for the two from Amazon but they’re pretty similar to these if you needed a shopping starting point. Fully adjustable and collapsible for easy storage and angling, i’ve had them for over a year and (touch wood) they’re still going strong!photo 5

My tripod was a hand-me-down from my lovely Dad who was big into his photography back in the day. It weigh’s a tonne but they don’t make em like they used to so i’m in no rush to replace this bad boy! You can pick up a range of tripods online depending on what you’re looking for, but just remember – it’s holds your precious camera, so you want to make sure it’s well made! I set it up on the end of the spare bed angled downs slightly and far enough away so i can fit everything in on a bit of a zoom. Lens wise i usually film on my standard kit lens and for anything more up close i have a fixed 50mm which is excellent quality.DSCN2639

Recently i’ve started using this LED Macro Light Ring* from Fast Forward Time (£44) mounted on top of my camera to create that ‘sparkle’ in my eyes! It’s battery powered (i have a re-chargeable set) but is SO bright. I usually film with it on half brightness as it’s adjustable and means i don’t walk away seeing spots afterwards! My back lighting comes from my dressing table and amazing Hollywood Mirror* which i think looks lovely slightly blurred behind me.DSCN2644

I know when i started out on youtube i struggled to find any tutorials on how everyone else was doing it, so i hope this post helps some of you budding youtubers out there get set up – I’m really happy with my setup at the moment and i think it works pretty well!

Let me know what you think, tweet me @xameliax #lightscameraaction