Beauty In The Simplest of Life’s Pleasures | Hygge in the Bathroom

There is a reason why having a hot shower after a hard day’s work is so satisfying. Behind this little pleasure of life is actually the Nordic concept of Hygge. Pronounced Hoo-ga or Hoe-gah, Hygge is all about cosy living and I try to incorporate Hygge into every aspect of my life and home. I’ve already spoken about a bit about who Hygge us and how to add a touch of Hygge to your home in this post, but today I want to talk about Hygge in your second most important place to relax after the sofa or your bed: the bathroom.

Why The Bathroom?

Hygge is about making little things matter. The bathroom is a place where you want to relax, unwind and feel refreshed. Taking care of yourself, cleansing your body while cleansing your mind is a very important part of the process of feeling at home. It’s what makes you feel safe and comfortable. So adding candles, plants and anything that sparks joy, as Mari Kondo nicely advised, is one thing you can do to follow Hygge philosophy in your bathroom.

The other thing is that you should only keep things that matter near you, be it people or material objects. You don’t want your mind or personal space to be cluttered. As for me, I would rather have a few of the best than a handful of average in most aspects of my life. The same goes for bathroom products, I want my little five-minute mind oasis to stay calm and clear which means investing in good bathroom products that will last, while still looking fabulous.

5 tips to Hygge…without emptying your wallet!

I was sceptical when I first came across SuperBath, a small start-up company with a boatload of choice that won’t actually break the bank. Luxury brands such as Villeroy and Boch, that I always thought were too expensive at a price that I could actually afford….win!

Here are my top 5 tips to Hygge in your bathroom if you are looking either to renovate or just add a little fancy.

  1. Less is more

Again, Hygge is about enjoying the simplest things. Before enjoying a room always start by emptying it from the unnecessary. Begone used shampoo bottles and that toothbrush you don’t even remember using! Try to keep a capsule collection of products in your shower of things that you use on a daily basis and keep the special toiletries or once a week hair masks tidied away. 

  1. Plants, plants, plants …

A plant is your best friend, I find it very satisfying and relaxing to have some green buddies around the house. Adding one well-chosen plant can make a bathroom look more sophisticated. I’d advise to choose an aloe as they are low maintenance and would appreciate the dampness left after your bath. Or, if like me you tend to not be so green fingered, even investing in a faux fauna pot will still brighten up a room. 

  1. Invest in a Good Shower 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those incredibly disappointing showers where the water simply trickles out and it hardly feels like you’re getting wet at all! Investing in a good shower head is the best way to get a relaxing and enjoyable shower experience. Personally, I love Monsoon Showers or something that has a variety of jets for your back.

  1. It’s The Little Touches

Things like deep pile bath mats to sink your feet into after the shower, super soft towels and even a silent close toilet seat can all make a big difference to adding that extra feel of luxury to a bathroom. Think of the best hotel you’ve stayed in and recreate it with the little touches in your own home….don’t forget the fancy loo roll!

  1. Treat Yourself

Hygge is all about cosy living and enjoying moments in life. So why not treat yourself to something extra special for your Hygge bathroom. Water jets for the bath, luxury candles or a nice body scrub to use in the shower. Less is more, but use your space for things that make you happy and content when you’re in the bathroom. 

How do you incorporate Hygge into your bathroom at home?

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*Sponsored guest post in collaboration with Superbath.