Nails To Make Ariel Jealous | Barry M Aquarium Collection

I’m going to be completely honest with you on this one, when the press release for the Barry M Aquarium Collection came out I didn’t think I’d like these polishes – sorry Bazza! I’m just not a fan of shimmery polishes (flashbacks from my 90’s youth!) and neither blue or green ever make it into my manicure routine, so that ruled out all but one of this collection at first. But in the name of science I got swatching, and guess what? My shimmer polish eyes have been re-opened because these polishes are beautiful!

From Left to Right: Pacific*, Arabian*, Mermaid*, Treasure Chest*, Caspian*, Mediterranean*.

The warm tones of the aquarium collection won me over at first, because well, they’re just stunning. That fiery orange copper duo chrome and the silky pale duo gold look lovely on their own but with their partnering glitter they look amazing! With flakes of rose gold, yellow gold and silver this has got to be the prettiest glitter topcoat I own and I have to say that I’ve tried it with so many other polishes in my collection as a quick accent or glitter gradient since swatching here – I can’t get enough! It’s a little tricky to place because of the flake size but once you’ve got the hand of dabbing rather than painting you’ll be well away. Even the cool tones of this collection look lovely on especially with their glitter topcoat which for these is full of blue, green and gold flakes that really do look like a mermaid’s tail!

So if you’re into you shimmers and duo chrome polishes then these are going to be right up your street, but I’ll warn you, they all complement each other so perfectly there’s no way you’ll be able to walk out with just one!

You can find the new Barry M Aquarium Collection on their website HERE for just £3.99 a bottle or from your local Boots & Superdrug stores!

What do you think of this mystical new collection? Which side are you on, warm or cool?

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