Barry M Summer 2015 Releases

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases

Roll up roll up for the new Barry M Summer Collection filled with lots of exciting polishes and beauty bits just in time for the warmer months! I absolutely loved the Barry M Spring 2015 Collection so when this giant box of goodies* dropped through my door I got a little giddy – you can’t beat a new set of nail polish to play with! With presents for your face AND your nails this time round there’s loads to go at, so let’s get cracking!Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (3)

First up are 6 new shades from the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Collection (£3.99 each) – and this time round they’re bright! I’m going to put it straight out there, I don’t love these as much as the pastel shades we saw back in March but there are some shades that are going to look amazing with a tan. Turbo Charged, a bright coral with a silver shimmer and Get Set Go a lovely sharp raspberry are perfect for your pointers around the pool and Speed Demon (a lovely baby pink with a slight glitter/shimmer) just reminds me of lazy sunny afternoons drinking fizz in the garden!Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (2)

From Left to Right: Gelly Sugar Plum, Supersonic, Need For Speed , Get Set Go, Speed Demon, Turbo Charged and On Your Marks

As I mentioned before the texture of Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry Polishes can be a little tricky to work with at first although i’ve found the brights a little less streaky than the pastels. We’ve also been treated to a new Gelly polish called Sugar Plum which is a lovely pinky purple, and as always with the Gellys it applies like a dream. It’s a pretty summer colour that again would look lovely with a it of gold glitter and a tan!

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (5)

Powder from Top to Bottom: Knickerbocker Glory,  Fairy Cake, Jam Tart

Along with the new Speedy Quick Dry Polish Barry M have gone to town on the beauty this summer too! With three new cream blush sticks and three pretty powder blushes your cheeks are officially covered no matter what your shade preference! Personally i’m a powder girl, usually more on the bricky side like Jam Tart here (which i love) and occasionally a coral like Knickerboker Glory. These Make Me Blush Powders (£3.99) are actually really great and blend nicely on the skin. I’ve found myself reaching for Jam Tart quite a bit since it arrived and although it won’t be replacing my all time favourite just yet, i’ve been pleasantly surprised.
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Cream Blush from Bottom to Top: Rhubarb, Melba, Rasberry

Not normally a cream blush fan i wasn’t overly excited about the Make Me Blush Cream (£4.49) but i have to say that I may have had my mind changed. Turning semi-powdery when swatched these tubes of colour are incredibly pigmented and seem to blend quite well for the price point. They did pick up a bit of my foundation when applying but apart from that I have to say I quite like these – even the baby pink tones of Melba.

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (6)

Barry has also invented two new Brow Wow eyebrow pencils (£3.99) – similar to Benefit’s Instant Brow – with a pencil on one end and spooly on the other, good for on the go brows doubling up as a khol liner and great as a lower-end product dupe. Colours for me are a little on the grey brown side and the khol isn’t as soft as some higher end versions but still a valiant effort for the budget beauty brand.

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (7)

From Bottom to Top: Shades 1, 2, 3

Next is the product i was most intrigued by, the new Flawless Light Reflect Concealer (£4.49). I’m always keen to try out new concealers, especially those that claim to brighten or lift the skin and these were no different! They’re a lovely consistancy and although they wouldn’t be ideal for covering blemishes i did feel as if Shade 1 really brightened up my under eye area without looking too thick. These have a very thin brush applicator instead of a doe foot which isn’t really my bag, but it does come in useful for pinpoint application on shadows and of course the product can be blended with another brush or your fingers once dotted on quite easily. Love these, thanks Barry M!

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (9)

From Left to Right: At The End Of The Day, Let’s Touch Base, It’s A No Brainer, Thinking Outside Of The Box, Office Romance

Onto the lips and we’ve got two very different products in this release – Glosses and Mattes! Now i’m really not a fan of lip gloss so i’m afraid i can’t really offer a lot on the new Lip Boss Gloss (£4.49), however I did try out Thinking Outside Of The Box – a lovely flat nude – and I quite liked the consistency. Sorry Bazza but shiny lips just give me terrible flashbacks to my 90’s school disco days and hair getting stuck to my lips at the bowling alley parties!

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (10)

Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (1)

From Bottom to Top: Make a Statement, Model Behaviour, On The Frow, A Punch Pink, Dress Rehersal

Matte lips are more my thing so I was keen to give these cleverly packaged Matte Me Up Lip Crayons (£4.49) a go! I’d say these crayons give a nearly matte finish, not quite as matte as some in my collection, but still pretty flat. They’re a little powdery but still have some life in them once applied and they seem to stay really well. My faves have got to be the classicly red Make A Statement and beautifully nude Dress Rehersal. Barry M Spring 2015 Releases (4)

Last but not least is the new Eye Shine Shadow & Glaze Palette (£6.49). I loved the previous palettes Barry M released and am still using some of the goldy shades now, but this one really doesn’t do it for me. The shadows leave a lovely shimmer as you can see from my prints but apart from the coppery/red shades I find the colours a little dated. Those who like cream eyeshadows will have fun trying out the glaze on top but personally i’d rather have a primer in the end space instead. If you’re after some striking bold eye colours for the new season then this is for you, but if you prefer your neutrals then you might be better off sticking with their Natural Glow pallets instead which is a good Urban Decay dupe.

You can find all of Barry M’s polishes and beauty products on their website or in your local Boots and Superdrug!

Some really bold and bright colours this time round from Barry, along with some useful staples too – which are your favourites from the new collection?

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