Barry M Spring 2015 Collection

Barry M Spring 2015 Launches (3)I still get ever so excited when Barry M launch new products especially in the spring time when they bring out their pastels! I love dark berry colours but round about now my nails are ready for a change and Barry has outdone himself this time with his new Speedy Quick Dry polishes for the Barry M Spring 2015 collection. In an array of pretty pastel colours the new formula is made for girls on the go and comes with an adorable set of names to boot. Barry M also have three new paints to add to their current roster, a plumping top coat and some new makeup additions too – let’s take a closer look at the collection…

Barry M Spring 2015 Launches (2)

Here is the new Speedy Quick Dry collection in all it’s checkered glory with all the colours of the rainbow in beautifully creamy pastel shades. I’m always on the go so before i discovered Seche Vite my nails were forever smudged or complete with impressions from my bed sheets after some late night painting! A quick dry formula always gets my attention and these do what they say on the tin. I found these polishes a little tricky to work with at first as they came out a little streaky, but if you work with the fantastic new extra wide brush and apply in swift thin layers you end up with a beautifully smooth finish that really does dry in record time. Add a layer of the new Plumpy Top Coat and you’re left with some seriously shiny gel-like colours.
Barry M Speed Dry Swatch

From Left to Right:

Stop The ClockA pretty creamy pale yellow that i absolutely adore with a glittery accent

Full ThrottleA bright but still pastel orange, not really my bag but good with a tan

In A HeartbeatA lovely creamy coral colour, one for everyone and a shade that will carry through to summer

Kiss Me QuickA cute baby pink

Lap Of HonourA classy grey purple shade

Eat My DustOne of my favourites form the collection – a gorgeous baby blue

Pit StopA professional light grey shade, perfect for the office

Road RageA simply lovely tiffany blue colour 

Pole Position A very wearable mint green

Barry M Spring 2015 Launches

Not only have Barry M graced us with a brand new formula in an array of beautiful Spring colours, but we’ve also got some new makeup launches too with their Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder in three shades, a white waterproof kohl liner and two new Gelly Shine Lips shades – Orion, a lovely taupe and Sigma, a bright and beautiful coral that became a holiday staple for me when i started to pick up a bit of colour in my cheeks! I’m a nude kohl colour for brightening my eyes but the feel of Barry M’s new white pencil is good and it stays put throughout the day. As for their Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder, i like it – great for on the go application with its compact mirror and sponge applicator to help keep the oily bits at bay!

Barry M Spring 2015 Swatch

There are also three new nail paints in the Spring collection which don’t disappoint either:

FondantA bright but creamy purple colour that would look lovely with a copper glitter accent

CottonA pure white shade (a lot brighter and whiter than last years cotton for those wondering, there’s quite a difference!)

Sky Blue A brave bright blue that would look great on holiday nails with a strong tan

All in all a fantastic new collection from Barry that won’t disappoint! You can find out more and order yours on the Barry M website or pop into your local Boots to get your mitts on the new launches!

Barry M have also released one of the BEST high street contour products i’ve used which you can read about in my Top 5 Favourite Contour Products post and see in action in my Easy Contour Tutorial!

What do you think of the Barry M Spring 2015 Collection? What’s your favourite shade?

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