Barry M Confetti Polish and New Gelly Colours

Queue fanfare…here come the Barry M new releases! With so many exciting ideas and colours i had to put them all in one post to show you just how awesome they are together! Although not the first on the feather effect train, Barry M have released their confetti range which really does rival the big dogs on a budget, and their new Gelly colours (my favourite Barry M range) are bright and simply beautiful. Time to get swatching….

Confetti Polish:

Dolly Mixture – This is one of my favourite in the collection, really pretty and probably the most ‘feather-like’ of the bunch, gorgeous over a pretty nude (Barry M’s Gelly in Lychee). It’s brilliant to just throw on over an accent nail to perk up a plain mani.

Marshmellow – Marshmellow is a pretty pink colour that reminds me of candy floss! It just looks so fluffy and girly, it’s the perfect shade for spring/summer. Here’ i have two coats over Roccocco Nail Apparel in Pink Panties.

Liquorice – My second favourite of the bunch, liquorice is a stunning black and white confetti that looks great over most colours. It’s here over Barry M’s Lychee again but i’ve also tried it over black and white and it looks amazing!

Sour Apple – I’m not normally a fan of green polish but this reminds me of peacock feathers and i think it looks really nice over Key lime one of the new gellys. It’s not a look i’d wear every day but it’s a useful one to have in the polish box!

Bubble Gum – Again i’m not overly keen on blue polishes but the conffeti effect makes them so much more wearable. I’ve shown it here over Guava and Key Lime but i think it might look good over a nude too – definitely one to experiment with!

Gelly Polish:

Blue Grape – I wasn’t a big fan of royal blue polish when i first saw the trend appear, however it’s really grown on me, so much so that when this polish came through the door i was super excited to wear it. Such a vibrant shade, Blue Grape is band on trend.

Key Lime – This isn’t called Key Lime for nothing…it’s bright! Not my usual colour choice but it looks lovely with sour apple over the top which may just have saved this one for me!

Mango – I love orange polish for the summer and this is such a wearable shade. Bright but not neon and complimentary to most skin tones i’ve been wearing it a lot since it fell through the door but i can’t help thinking it would look even better with a tan!

Passion Fruit – After Blue Grape this is my favourite colour of the new gelly collection. It’s a stunning bright red with a slight pink tint and is amazingly wearable. I don’t often wear polish these days alone without an accent or some studs but this is so beautiful i’ve been wearing it straight up and loving it!

Guava – I don’t own a colour like Guava which makes this one really interesting for me. It’s a pretty sky blue colour which would make a gorgeous background for some nail art roses, i can’t wait to have a play around with this one.

I love the new collections Barry M have released this summer and they’re so affordable too – well done Barry M, our pointers will be looking ever so pretty this summer thanks to you!

You can get your mitts on these gorgeous polishes for just £3.99 a bottle from the Barry M website HERE or in Superdrug on the 5th of June and Boots stores from the 12th!

Will you be buying any of these new releases? What’s your favourite bottle or nail art look?

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