.Another New Lippy? Oh Go On Then | Maybelline Color Sensation in Coral Tonic. 

I know I know, how many lipsticks can one girl need?! I seem to be on a rampage at the moment, but I just couldn’t resist this stunning bright but super wearable colour! Another purchase inspired by the glamorous ladies in my office as soon as a I spotted this one on Kiri’s lips I knew it had to be mine. A beautifully bright but not too bright coral pink, it’s perfect to wear day and night. I get a little uncomfortable wearing super bright colours in the office but subtle lips can get a bit samey so this is a brilliant in-between and it helps keep summer alive that little bit longer! 

I already own a Color Sensation lipstick from Maybelline in Hollywood Red which I adore and I think they’re brilliant quality for the money. They don’t smell overly artificial, the pigmentation is great and they tend to last really really well. The colour in the tube doesn’t do it justice on the lips, and even this photo doesn’t show it off to it’s full potential – it’s a lot brighter in real life. I’m in love with it and I’m having to juggle wearing it with my other new lipsticks that I’m obsessed with at the moment – decisions decisions, life is just too hard! 

You can find this gorgeous lipstick colour for just £7.19 from Superdrug right HERE! 

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Sensation lipsticks yet? What’s your go to lippy during the day? 

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