An Old School Night In with Papa Johns

Papa Johns Night In (2)

Joe and I love a good night out with fancy food and lots of fizz. But sometimes you just can’t beat swapping your stilettos for slippers and snuggling up in front of the telly with some naughty food and a couple of beers! With the colder weather settling in Papa John’s* challenged us to take a night off and have a big night IN and that’s exactly what we did!

Papa Johns Night In (6)

We popped on a film, cracked open a couple of beers and set up the Monopoly board while we waited for our pizzas to arrive. Papa Johns have got a brand new app where you can find offers and also take a photo of your pizza if it arrives and it’s wrong – the app will then send your picture to Papa Johns and a new one will be sent out to you no questions asked, how good is that! We’ve had so many takeaways delivered only to find out the order is wrong when the man has driven off so this is a really great little feature.

Papa Johns Night In (5)

Papa Johns Night In (3)

I have Monopoly on my Ipad which Joe and I really enjoy playing on holidays or at Christmas time, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing! Papa John’s sent us the new and improved version which comes with a chip and pin machine and bank cards instead of piles and piles of paper money which was so much fun!

Papa Johns Night In (8)

I was trying to be a good so I went for the Garden Party Vegetarian Pizza and you know what? It was ace! I usually go for oily meats and as much BBQ sauce as you can fit on the base but it was really refreshing to have a pizz that actually tasted like the food that’s on it and I think I’d order this one again! Joe had the pulled pork pizza which was just as good and we finished off with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie….ooops, sorry pre-holiday diet!Papa Johns Night In (1)

Needless to say our game of Monopoly went on into the night. We managed to get through Pitch Perfect and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels before Joe was forced to concede to my tycoon victory! We had such a fun night in and have vowed to have at least one pizza, beer and board games night a month from here on out. Fancy dinners and boutique weekends away are amazing, but sometimes a bit of old school monopoly fun in your pjs is just what you need!

Do you have a family board game night? What’s your favourite game to play?

Tweet me @xameliax or leave a comment below…we need some suggestions for winter time when its too cold to head outside and party! #BigNightIn


* Papa John’s paid for our pizza and entertainment for the night in exchange for a blog on our big night in challenge