Who Says The Crew Is Just For Men | American Crew Tee Tree Shampoo & Conditioner

During the Christmas period i spent most of my time at the boy’s house and halfway through my stay i ran out of my shampoo & conditioner. Not wanting to face the post-Christmas crowds i used a splash of his stuff from the boy brand American Crew and my hair absolutely loved it! So when Hairtrade asked the products i’d like to try next i decided to get myself my very own bottle of the Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo* (£7.96) and Calming Conditioner* (£8.76).

There are certain hair products that are meant for girls and some that are meant for boys, but in my head shampoo and conditioner just aren’t two of them because these are honestly one of the most refreshing products i’ve ever used on my locks and even though they’re meant for boys, my hair loves them! They smell incredible and are brilliant for waking you up in the morning and after drying my hair felt so clean and look super glossy to boot, i’m really impressed. Often i find my hair still feels pretty full of products after i wash it and as cleansing shampoo’s shouldn’t be used more than once a week, these are fantastic to use in-between cleansing and i’m a total convert. It’s a good job i’ve got my own set as i don’t think the boy would be too pleased with me stealing his all the time after this – thanks Hairtrade!

Check out these and the rest of the American Crew range on the hairtrade website HERE

Have you tried tea tree hair products before? Would it put you off using a shampoo meant for men?

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