Aladdin’s Had A Revamp | Panto at The Regent Stoke

It’s that time again – the lights are twinkling, our trees are up, we’ve already eaten close to 100 mince pies and the panto comes to town! Having discovered panto as an adult just two years ago it’s very quickly become one of my favourite Christmas traditions, especially at The Regent in Stoke with the ever-hilarious Johnny Wilkes and Christian Patterson!

This year it’s the turn of Aladdin and the Stoke panto has had a revamp with a 3D adventure AND a magical flying carpet…oh yes it has!

For those of you who haven’t experienced panto as an adult let me tell you, you’re really missing out! With innuendos and dad jokes coming out your ears along with a load of slapstick, hilarious costumes and some funny singalongs it’s a really great night out!

Usually, the charm of panto at the regent is its simplicity, the comradery of the cast and the terrible, terrible jokes! But this year it’s had a bit of an upgrade to fall in line with other bigger pantos out there and it was a real treat. 3D glasses at the ready everyone, and watch out for the west-end worthy hydraulics too! Oooooo! Ahhhhhh!

Luckily alongside the awesome new effects we were still treated to Johnny Wilkes and Christian Pattersons witty banter and mischievous behaviour alongside Amanda Coutts awesome singing voice (and rock hard abs!). This year Johnny gets the role of Aladdin and Christian Widow Twanky which they both sail through – I’m sure it should be illegal to have that much fun while you’re working!

We had such a hilarious evening – I think we enjoyed it more than the kids in the audience – and it truly got us in the festive spirit!

So if you like ridiculous cracker-esque jokes, not taking life too seriously and a lot of fun then panto might just be for you! Some theatres pop some seriously big stars on their posters to bring in the crowds but the Regent just don’t need it, Johnny and Christian are a winning double act and have us all howling year after year – it’s panto at it’s best. Don’t miss the new and improved version at The Regent this year and get yourselves down there this festive season.

….Just remember to practice your boos and hisses before you get there, they’re a must! Oh, and say hello to Beryl for me.

Aladdin is running at The Regent in Stoke until Sunday 7th of January so grab your tickets now!