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#BlogtrottersGR, UK Travel Blogger xameliax


So those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook will know that last week myself and a group of 45 bloggers from across the globe traveled to Greece to discover the city of Thessaloniki as part of the #BlogTrottersGR 2015 Team. I have so many photos and video clips to share with you all in a series of posts over the next few weeks but for now I wanted to put together some of my Instagram snaps and share you what we got up to last week!

#BlogtrottersGR, UK Travel Blogger xameliax

It was the first time travelling alone abroad and as I openly admitted in this post – I was a little scared. I had no idea what to expect or who I’d meet and the thought of exploring an unknown country with so many people I’d never met was both incredibly exciting and utterly terrifying at the same time! But I packed up my suitcase, laced up my low tops and headed for the airport. After a teary goodbye to Joe I boarded my plane with Aegean Airlines and there was no turning back. Little did I know I was in for an experience I would never forget and would come back completely and wholeheartedly inspired with so many new friends.

The first morning was spent exploring our stunning hotel – The Electra Palace. Views of the city, the sea and some of the best iced coffee in Thessaloniki. After breakfast we walked down to The Museum of Photography for our introductory workshop to the #BlogTrottersGR programme for 2015. Afterwards it was outside in the port to The Kitchen Bar for lunch, drinks, and a chance to get to know our fellow blog trotters!


As we had some free time after lunch us Electra Palace girls headed up to our rooftop pool for some sunbathing overlooking the city. Rooftop pools are now my new favourite thing, as are Freddo Cappucinos made the Greek way…super yummy! The evening consisted of a fascinating bus tour around the city and a look inside the famous White Tower.

We drove up into the hills of Thessaloniki by the castle ruins and got a real taste of the tiny streets and mis-matched buildings that give Thessaloniki it’s Pic n Mix charm. Our evening meal was in the fountain square in Thessaoniki for an evening of Meze and copious amounts of surprisingly good Greek wine! We were even treated to a vintage-esque street dance performance while we finished sipping our drinks and before we headed back to the hotel for a much-needed night’s sleep.

Our second day started with a Gastronomy Tour of the city – right up my street! Walking through the old markets and meeting local producers, sellers and entrepenuers we tasted the local delicacies, traditional ouzo and spoke to some truly inspirational people. Of course we had to stop for coffee afterwards – the Greeks love their java!



In the afternoon the Thessaloniki sky was a little grey so we headed back to the indoor pool at the Electra for a swim and a sit in the sauna chatting over what we’d seen and tasted this morning!IMG_1854

In the evening we were taken on a walking Handpeak tour of the cities local entrepeneurs and influential people who make Thessonaliki what it is today. We spoke to designers, artists and a local school for disadvantaged children that for me really captured the wonderful spirit of this city in a way you couldn’t experience from your usual tour. For dinner we headed over to the Concert Hall where we experienced the incredible views over the port before settling down to a plethora of different tastes…and you guessed it – more wine!


On the third day we hopped on our coach for a Beach Party in Halkidiki! Just two hours up the road from Thessaloniki you’re faced with pure white sand, impossibly clear waters and a really beautiful holiday spot. We spent the day drinking, laughing and splashing around in the sea – the perfect way to round off our trip.

#BlogtrottersGR, UK Travel Blogger xameliax

During our stay Aegean Airlines were holding a competition for three bloggers to win a pair of plane tickets for their followers by posting the best photos, and guess what guys – we won with that cutie pie dolphin pool picture above!!! So stay tuned to find out how you can get your mitts on flights to a destination of your choice!

In the evening we found an adorable square for dinner with even more incredible Greek meze and again lots of wine…and ouzo! We walked back to our hotel in the early hours while the youth of the city partied on dancing and enjoying the warm evening weather through the night.

On the final day we spent the morning sunbathing on the rooftop pool with a long drink and a good book before saying goodbye to our fellow Blog Trotters and heading back to the airport. I’ve taken so much from this trip and I really can’t wait to share it all with you over the next few weeks. The city of Thessaloniki has so many faces, and so many stories to tell – I hope you’ve enjoyed following my updates while we’ve been out there and I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming posts and videos even more.

#BlogtrottersGR, UK Travel Blogger xameliax

You can check out the official #BlogTrottersGR website and take a look at all of our updates here! And don’t forget to take a look through the hashtag on instagram and twitter to capture the spirit of our trip from all 45 bloggers.

Thank you to Discover Greece, Electra Hotels and Aegean Airlines for hosting us – more from my Thessaloniki travels coming soon!