A Bloomin’ Brilliant Idea | Flowers Through Your Letterbox From Bloom & Wild

When I posted a picture of these flowers on Instagram with the caption ‘got these through the letterbox today’ a lot of you were a little confused and thought I was joking! But I wasn’t just being colourful with my language on this one, these did really come through my letterbox. Let me change the way you send flowers forever by introducing you to a company called Bloom & Wild, who will quite literally post a bouquet through your door!

Inside the box your flowers come neatly packaged with the larger flowers wrapped in a soft netting to keep them safe in transit and they’re also accompanied by a sachet of flower food and a little instruction booklet which tells you the types of flowers you’ve got and even how to arrange them! I found it so much fun reading the instructions and putting my Luxe & Wild Bouquet* together because I’m usually absolutely rubbish when it comes to re-assembling a supermarket bunch in the vase. I would have liked to see colour photos of my flowers inside the booklet as some of the pictures were a little tricky to work out but I managed it and my bouquet looked stunning when I was done. All Bloom & Wild’s bouquets come ‘flatpacked’ in a gorgeous letterbox friendly sized box so they can be delivered to your recipient without the need for them to be in or to sign for the parcel which means they’re the perfect surprise! Bloom & Wild also offer gift subscriptions so you can send someone you love (or even treat yourself to) a monthly, fortnightly or weekly bunch of flowers to be delivered wherever you like from as little as £13.95 a month which is an absolute bargain.

Bloom & Wild say their bouquets should last over a week and I’m happy to say that mine certainly have! By topping up my vase every couple of days with a bit of fresh water and removing any flowers that were looking a little bit sad the lilies slowly opened up throughout the week and my flowers were glorious for over 10 days – amazing value for money. I’m heading straight to Bloom & Wild the next time I need to send a bunch of flowers, the quality, shelf life, service and price are just astounding to me and I’m utterly thrilled I came across them. Definitely one to bookmark guys, I can’t rave about this company enough.

You can find all the gorgeous bouquets and packages Bloom & Wild offer on their website HERE with subscriptions starting from £13.95 a month and gift boxes from £16.95!

Do you buy flowers for yourself or for others regularly? Would you consider a flower subscription service? Would you choose Bloom & Wild over your usual online florist?

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