My Valentine’s Day Date | xameliax Weekly Vlog #57

So here we are again, that week in February that splits the world in two – on one side people gushing over how #blessed they are to have found the ‘perfect boy’ and the other hating anything remotely heart shaped or blooming. I am of course kidding, Valentine’s has never been a big one for me whether I’m in love or not, I find it a little too saccharine, but I do enjoy the thought of appreciating those around you and sharing a little more love than usual….even if that does come with overpriced chocolate or cringy themed menus.

I actually ended up having a fantastic Valentine’s Day despite being a single pringle. It finished in tears but tears of happiness and appreciation rather that the Bridget Jone’s style AAALLL BBYYYY MMYYYYSEELLFFFF blubbering. See vlog for more info.

In other news I’m still absolutely LOVING my juicing and I wrote a post allll about it just for you guys the other day so if you missed it head over and take a look! Daily juices, a handful of supplements and 2.5L of water every day has left me feeling pretty darn good physically and mentally –  *touch wood* it stays that way!

Friday I took a stroll to Primark and picked up some new cushions for the living room and even more comfy clothes for my now incredibly boring and dusty wardrobe. I feel like I need to re-find my style, STAT! Have bought some fashion mags for inspo so watch this space. (Who am I kidding, I’ve never been fashionable and will probably end up just buying old favourites in different colours, again)

In the evening my girl friends Jo and Lucy came round for a wine and cheese night I’d decided to hold. Basically it was just an excuse to drink nice alcohol, gorge ourselves on cheesy goodness and have a bit of catchup. My skin is hating me now but it was SO worth it!

Saturday was spent enjoying a little DIY Champagne brunch with Lucy followed by a lovely and luxurious manicure at the new Hand and Foot Spa in Selfridges in Birmingham. They invited us over to try their incredible paraffin wax hand treatment which left our pointers feeling SO soft I can’t even explain! They also have a fancy app where you can see the colours on your nails before you choose, how clever!

The rest of the weekend was spent lazing around and enjoying being snuggled up inside while the rain pounded on the window. Ahhhhh England.

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Hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll see you right back here next Tuesday!


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