.Weekend in Photos. 

This weekend was filled with presents, lovely food, champagne and a whole lot of love because it was my birthday – hooray! 

My birthday was on Friday so I started the day by going to work, exciting ey?! But all was not lost as I was given a lovely handmade card from my office buddy, awarded a certificate and bonus for doing a good job which they’d saved especially for my birthday day and tucked into a table full of cakes and pastries so it wasn’t all that bad! I was also treated to a surprise flower delivery from Joe which really brightened up my afternoon and made all the ladies swoon – he’s a good egg! After work I made my way to a hotel Joe and I had booked to get ready for a family meal and lots of fizz in the evening. Despite living in the same house my parents and I are all so busy we hardly ever get the chance to spend time together so I was really looking forward to having them all to myself for the evening (with Joe too), and it didn’t disappoint. 

We started at home over a bottle of bubbles where I opened all my birthday presents! They’d treated me to a four month subscription at my gym for the summer which I had to stop last year due to them upping the membership fees and I really miss it – I can’t wait to get back on that cross-trainer and ramp up my fitness. Along with a beautiful scarf, necklace, box of choccies, a voucher for champagne afternoon tea at my favourite tea room and some spending money for the new fashion season I’d been utterly spoilt and excitedly Joe had also done the same! With my favourite perfume, a giant Yankee Candle I’d been hankering over for ages, a mini keyring swiss army knife (a silly something I’ve wanted for a while, those mini scissors are so useful!), two bottles of my favourite champers and a luxury manicure and pedicure pamper package booked just in time for our holiday in a few weeks! As an extra present Mum has also offered to teach me how to sewa gesture I turned down as a stroppy teenager thinking it wasn’t cool – so we got the perfect pattern for a beautiful dress and I can’t wait to get started in a few weeks’ time! Not only will I have a (hopefully!) lovely new dress and a sense of achievement, but I’ll get to spend some real quality time with mum which is probably the best present of all. After present opening we then made our way to one of my favourite restaurants where we laughed, reminisced and chatted over three courses of lovely food, bubbles, wine and a giant ‘Happy Birthday’ balloon before getting a taxi home leftover birthday cake in hand. 

The next day Joe took me shopping so I could spend my birthday money! As i haven’t bought anything new for myself in so long I felt a little bit lost and only managed to pick up a few bits so I think a fashion magazine purchase is on the cards this week for a bit of inspiration so I can give it another go next weekend! We were planning on going out for food in the evening but were so tired from shopping and the night before we decided to stop in with a giant Chinese takeaway and a good film, something we both enjoyed just as much. Yesterday we had a long overdue lie in and took a stroll out for Afternoon Tea with a glass of bubbles (obligatory for birthday girls) which was absolutely lovely before spending the evening together cuddled up and feeling very loved. 

It’s been such a relaxed and lovely weekend which was just what the doctor ordered in my old age! Next weekend however we’re off to London stopping in super fancy hotels and watching musicals so the birthday celebrations don’t stop here…diet starts next week? 


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