.Sleek Au Naturel Eye Palette | Review.

Up until the other month i’d never tried any Sleek products before, but when i managed to get my mitts on their coveted Lace Blush Trio i was hooked with a capital H! So i expanded my collection with another blogger favourite of theirs, the Au Natural Eye Palette and i absolutely love it.

I’m a neutral eye girl always, and although i am joined at the hip with my UD Naked 2 and Naked Basics there’s always room for another in my makeup case…well, it may be creaking at the hinges a bit now but figuratively it’s bottomless for beautiful eye shadows. Now, bloggers across the country have raved about the pigmentation and lasting power of Sleek for the money so i was very excited to give them a go and i haven’t been disappointed at all. Although they maybe aren’t as smooth to apply as my favourite Urban Decay pigments, they build up very quickly to create a solid block of colour that doesn’t budge throughout the day.

This palette has a few new colours for me too which i like and a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The dark cranberry and the orange toned shadows are probably my favourite to help mix up a natural looking eye just a little and I find them all very easy to blend helping the colours work together perfectly. If you’re an owner of Naked 2 this palette isn’t going to change your life but for less than a tenner it’s definitely worth adding to the collection to mix things up a little. I’m really impressed with the quality of Sleek makeup and i wouldn’t hesitate to expand my collection even more - another blush trio anyone?

You can pick up the Sleek Au Naturel Palette from their website HERE for just £7.99!

Have you tried any Sleek palettes before? Which one’s your favourite? How about their other products?

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