.Overboard Zoom Lense Waterproof Tech Case | Review and Photos.

Before we went away i brought an underwater camera case for my old compact camera in case i plucked up the courage to get in the deep red sea and have a snorkel!

As it was only £16 i didn’t trust it enough to put my new camera in there, but i have to say that after two long snorkelling trips and numerous days in the pool it didn’t leak once and it’s been the bargain buy of our holiday! My little Canon is pretty old so the photos aren’t the best, but for a first time snorkeller i managed to snap quite a few good photos with the overboard bag around my neck and i would recommend it to anyone going off on holiday.

You can still access your camera easily through the bag and i found it a breeze to switch between modes (including finally getting to use the underwater mode) on my cameras sensitive scroll button. The black rim for the zoom lens sometimes creeps into the corner of your photos, but i found the best way around this was to hold both the camera and the zoom lens case to centre the photo and it solved the problem completely.

I brought mine from Amazon HERE and i’m so pleased i did - highly recommended if you’re off on holiday for some winter sun and don’t want your holiday snaps to end when you get in the water!

Have you ever taken underwater pictures before? Where was the best snorkelling you’ve ever experienced?

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