.Kate Moss Matte Lipstick #101 | Review.

Today i was wandering round town ticking off my last minute holiday checklist which of course required a trip to Boots to stock up on mini shampoo and other holiday essentials! I needed to grab a cheapy darker foundation for when i get a tan and whilst looking for that i spotted the new Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks on the shelf and got quite excited. I’d seen them reviewed on a few blogs and had my heart set on this colour #101…straight in the basket, no messing. It’s also good to note that Boots have mix and match 3for2 on makeup at the moment, so i ended up with my foundation, new lippy and a free brown Bourjois eye pencil - bargain!

I loved the colour of this lipstick as soon as i saw it online and it hasn’t disappointed me at all. It’s a lovely light barbie pink colour and it’s quite subtle for everyday wear. Coverage wise, i’m impressed - one swipe and you’re done! It does have a very synthetic lipstick flavour which isn’t overly pleasant but goes away after about 10 minutes. Staying power is quite good for a £5 lipstick - it still doesn’t rival my MaxFactor find but it’s fairly long lasting and tends to fade evenly. As it’s a matte lipstick it is slightly drying on the lips after a while and the light colour also highlights any dry patches and creases. It’s certainly made me get my lip scrub out again so i can wear it to it’s full potential!

All in all i’m really pleased with this lipstick, at £5.50 i think it’s certainly worth buying and i’ll definitely be on the hunt for a few other shades too!

Have you tried Kate Moss’ new lipstick yet? What’s your favourite shade?

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  1. linderellla said: I chose this same shade, its lovely!
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