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Today is the final edition of Tea of the Week with Ahmad tea and i’ve saved a classic for last! Ahmad’s English Breakfast* is a beautifully light blend perfect i think for any time of the day, but great to start with in the morning. Some people like a real kick in the mornings with a strong coffee but i like to ease into the day and not overload my system with caffeine and this tea is perfect for that. It’s very light with a slight Earl Grey taste and is really smooth with a bit of milk. I drink this whenever I need a bit of a gentle boost and I love it - i will certainly be buying another box when this runs out!

I’ve loved trying a selection of the different blends Ahmad stock and discovering teas I may not have normally gone for. For now though i’m going to enjoy my mug of breakfast tea (at 2pm in the afternoon!) and try to come up with a new weekly blog feature that wont leave me jittering from all the caffeine! Suggestions on a postcard please!

You can grab yourself a box on their website HERE for just £1.60!

Have you tried Ahmad tea? Which is your favourite blend?


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