.Micabella Perfecting Makeup Primer.

I’ll start by making a beauty confession: i don’t use a makeup primer *gasp*. I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while but the need for a primer always found itself being replaced by the need for something else more important, and it always found itself at the bottom of the monthly treat list. So when i was sent Micabella’s Perfecting Makeup Primer* i was excited to get stuck in.

Makeup primer creates a base for your foundation and concealer to help it glide onto your skin easier and stay put for longer. I can’t quite describe the feeling of primer, its a liquid that almost feels like powder once on your skin - it’s strange but nice. I’ve found that with Micabella’s primer just one pump is enough to cover my whole face and eyelids (which saves using an eye-shadow primer too, handy). I apply it with my fingers until it’s even and smooth and then continue with the rest of my makeup as normal.

I use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear as a foundation which is already long lasting, but i have to say that using this primer underneath it sticks around even longer than usual. Sometimes towards the end of the day in my air conditioned office i find that my makeup can begin to look a bit cakey (thanks for that re-circulated air) but with this primer it stays looking smooth until it comes off at night. It’s also great for under the eyes as i find my concealer begins to crease towards the end of the day - with Micabella, it doesn’t. As for the packaging, is very simple but i really like how you can see how much you’re using as you go along and that with the pump you get the same amount of primer each time.

Unfortunately as this is the first primer i have used, i don’t really have anything to compare it to - i would love to get hold of a cheaper primer and see how it fares, because at the moment i’m not sure if i could bring myself to pay over £50 for another bottle. Having said that though i do think it’s going to last quite a while as i’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and it hasn’t budged. One warning for those with blemish-prone skin like me, i wouldn’t advise using it every day as it can block pores and make you breakout. Great for a night out though or as an eye primer every day!

You can grab a bottle of Micabella’s Perfecting Primer for £54.95 and free delivery straight from Funtica HERE!

Have you tried Micabella’s Primer? How do you think it fairs against other primers?

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