.What i wore - OASAP Pleats.

Yesterday was quite sunny so i jumped on the opportunity to wear my new Pleated Midi Skirt* from OASAP. It. Is. Beautiful. It’s made from a pleated chiffony fabric and is really light weight. On me it comes to the middle of my calves which i think is quite a nice length - i’m 5”7 by the way - and makes it great to wear with flats or heels. It has a silky underskirt to protect your modesty, but i’d still leave your black knicker-knocks in the drawer because it’s still ever so slightly see-through…cheeky!

The only thing that worries me about this skirt is the colour - I’m ridiculously clumsy so it’s an accident waiting to happen! Luckily i managed to survive without any spillages this time. I’m certainly taking this one on holiday with me, it’s going to be perfect for swanning around in during the evenings or if we take a wander down the beach!

You can pick one up for yourself in a number of different colours with free delivery from OASAP HERE. Make sure to take a look at their amazing clothes, if you’re anything like me you’ll have a wish list as long as your arm in minutes.

What do you think of the midi length? Are you rocking pleats this summer too?

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