.Premier Dead Sea Hair Silicone | Review.

After i decided to dip dye my hair i’ve been looking for a product to help keep it looking healthy…found it - Premier Dead Sea’s Thick Silicone*.

It’s a serum you massage into the ends of your hair and it works to bind your split ends back together and leave it looking shiny and healthy. It also leaves a layer of protection on your hair to keep it from the elements until you wash it out. I was really excited to try this out and it hasn’t disappointed at all, it smells nice and does exactly what it says it’s going to. I always use this serum now no matter how i have my hair, and i can really see the difference with my split ends.

It works wonders when you don’t have time to fully dry your hair too. I often find when i leave the ends to air dry they look awfully brittle and my split ends stand out like crazy - a few pumps of this and it’s silky smooth and look so so healthy. Although this doesn’t actually heal your split ends in the long run it’s definitely an amazing fake and you can see the results straight away! This is one highly recommended product from me.

You can grab yourself a bottle from Funtica HERE for just under £20. It only takes two drops after washing your hair so it’s going to last quite a while, great stuff.

Have you tried silicone on your hair before?


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