.A refreshing mid-week tea.

If you’re a tea fiend like myself you’ll already know the benefits of Green Tea and why we should all be drinking it. And you’ll have probably tried loads of different varieties and blends before settling on one that doesn’t taste too much like pond water.

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with green tea (and a few others) where-by i know it’s doing me the world of good, but it just isn’t overly pleasant to drink. So i have to say that i wasn’t overly excited when i first opened Ahmad’s Green Tea Selection Box*. I did however share with you my love for their Mint Tea that was lurking in the box the other week and it was that pleasant green tea experience that encouraged me to keep trying the rest including the Lemon Infused blend.

Like the mint it has a really strong and delicious aroma which makes you want to drink it before it’s even had the chance to infuse - which again doesn’t take long, only around 2 minutes. It’s really refreshing and as long as you don’t leave the bag in too long there’s no bitterness.

You can grab yourself a box from their online shop HERE!

Are you a fan of Green Tea?


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  1. lonelyinsomniac said: Yes, I do like green tea. :)
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