.Nail Art | How to Paint Neat Edges.

How do you make your nails look so fantastic?!?! I always get polish on my cuticles and it looks like garbage. Which leads to me just taking it all off. Any tips for the amateurs out there??

Cotton Buds, a small Nail Art Brush and Polish Remover!

It takes practice to be able to paint crisp lines around the edges of your nails and no-one gets it perfect every time! So just dip a cotton bud in polish remover to get rid of any excess polish on your fingers, and use a small nail art brush with the polish to create a sharp even line around the cuticles - easy peasy!

Make sure you paint thin coats of polish too rather than trying to make it opaque with a thick coat all in one go, this way you’ll get a much better finish and it will probably last longer! ♥


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