Jersey Boys, De-Stressing and a Shiny New Toy

This past week has been a whirlwind. I work full time, alongside kickboxing, learning to sew and knit, writing my blog and running a youtube channel so sometimes life can get a little hectic. Couple that with a few nights of broken sleep and it makes fitting everything in and still feeling like a functioning human being damn near impossible.

So last week i made a conscious effort to try and slow down by taking a night off on Wednesday and pottering along with a blogging friend as her +1 to watch Jersey Boys at the Regent Theatre. It was such a lovely evening out with fantastic entertainment and a good old chin wag and it really helped me switch off for a little while, i’d certainly recommend heading to see Jersey Boys if you love a good singsong and some rather impressive quiffs! I also got back on my healthy eating band wagon and loaded up with lots of fruit, veg and good grains which made me feel a lot better and gave me the strength to power through my long work days.

I’m not usually a bath person – i get always run them too hot and end up a sweaty mess after about 5 minutes, most bubble baths irritate my skin and i get twitchy sitting around doing nothing for too long. But this week i’ve changed my perception on bath’s forever! After discovering a bubble bath suitable for sensitive areas (Sanex 0% for those interested) and having a butler boyfriend bringing me a glass of ice cold wine to keep me cool and a magazine to keep me entertained, it’s my new favourite way to unwind! I’ve found myself soaking in the tub so many times this week and i’m a little bit obsessed – any bath oil recommendations, throw them my way on twitter @xameliax!

The weekend was just as busy up early and shopping for material with my lovely mum. I found two new dress patterns so we headed off to her favourite shop and market stalls to find some fabric, zips, lining and thread ready to start a new project. We only had a few hours together but it was lovely to catch up and have a potter around the shops. On Saturday evening Joe and I were invited to eat at an award winning restaurant in Derby called Zest and it was wonderful. There will be a blog post coming soon but if you’re looking for a lovely place for date night with posh nosh that won’t break the bank then i’d definitely recommend it. We had a hotel, popped some bubbles and enjoyed an evening together catching up on our weeks and one another. Sunday we went out to get my brand new iphone 6 as i was due an upgrade. My old iphone has served me well for the last two years but it was time for a change – and some better quality photos! Setting it up was super easy so i even had time to film a video and snap a load of blog photos before settling down to catch up on the x-factor fun we’d missed.

My mission for this week is to slow down even more until i can properly re-charge and get on top of everything i want to do. It’s hard sometimes to cut down on things you enjoy but you can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before you end up in a giant waxy mess!



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