.Batiste Hint of Colour | Review.

Let’s be honest, dry shampoo is one of the biggest beauty saviours of all time and Batiste is my absolute favourite brand. I’ve tried so many of their different varieties i was quite shocked at myself when i realised i hadn’t yet tried their colour range, so i got right on the case and gave their Hint of Colour in Medium and Brunette* a go!

It’s so windy in the UK at the moment my hair looks like it needs washing about 5 minutes after i’ve stepped outside so i’ve been lamping on the dry shampoo most mornings to try and save it. Usually using this much of the stuff would leave me looking about 87 with grey roots popping through, but Batiste’s Hint of Colour completely solves this age old dry shampoo problem. Medium Brunette is perfect for my ‘mousey’ hair and has been helping my newly cut fringe look healthy despite the weather’s efforts to make me look like worzel gummidge – thank goodness for my super sized can!

It smells like a plain dry shampoo and leaves a very subtle colour in your hair – so subtle you can’t see it’s coloured, but instead it’s just not white on your roots. It comes in several colours to suit most hair types: Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette and Deep & Dark Brown. Don’t worry though, it’s not like spray paint or those awful spray-on hair dyes you used to buy as a teenager – you won’t be walking round with multicoloured hair! Instead it just means you can spray on as much as you like and avoid the granny roots – i’ll definitely be buying more of this one especially if this wind keeps a-blowin’!

You can pick up a can of Batiste from any good pharmacy or supermarket starting from around £2.99 – be sure to check out all the colours and scents they have on their website HERE!

Have you tried the Batiste Hint of Colour? Which colour do you go for? Is it a beauty product saviour for you too?

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