Alpha H Liquid Gold | Review

I’ve heard so many people talk about this amazing product so when Cult Beauty asked me to pick something from their range of incredible beauty products i knew Alpha H Liquid Gold* had to be my first choice.

I thought it was going to be a kind of serum when i opened it but i was surprised to see that it’s actually more like a toner. The bottle is classy but it also looks like it means business and the instructions on the back are nice and clear. I was quite worried about how my sensitive and acne prone skin would react to such a strong product but i’m pleased to report that not only did it leave my skin break-out free, i’ve also been seeing a huge improvement in my skin after using the Liquid Gold! The main difference for me is the reduction of those little white bumps you get under the skin. Not spots but they seem to hang around for ever and are quite noticeable under foundation no matter what you do. After just two nights of using Alpha H (with one night’s rest in between as directed) i saw a big reduction in the number of these pesky bumps i had one my chin and my skin felt a lot more radiant than usual. I found i needed to use a very gentle scrub in the morning as the Liquid Gold had taken some dead skin off and it needed buffing away but i had no discomfort, redness or irritation – amazing! I also found the large pores on my cheeks (isn’t my skin just lovely) looked much tighter the next morning which improved the look of my entire face. I use it every other night in place of my Clinique 3 Step Toner and i’m just so impressed. I even find myself getting excited when it’s Liquid Gold night…how sad!

I really like this product and i’ll certainly be buying it again. I can see why it’s become such a cult product and i love having it on my bathroom shelf!

You can find Alpha H Liquid Gold for £31.50 on the amazing Cult Beauty website HERE!

Have you tried Alpha H Liquid Gold before? Is it a cult beauty product for you too?

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